Jes Negrón Talks Storytelling at Decolonize & Discover Festival

“As someone who’s worked in many story-focused industries, this topic is important to me,” Negrón says. “I’ve seen firsthand the damaging assumptions made about who the audience is for science fiction and fantasy, and how marginalized people are often excluded from these conversations.”

“My goal in speaking on the panel is to give an insider perspective on how the game industry can do better at storytelling as a whole, and how marginalized creators can navigate an industry with a history of deprioritizing our stories,” she says.

Jes Negrón founds game studio for diverse stories

As 2020 marked a year of tragedy, it’s only natural that 2021 became a year of reflection. I found myself longing to get back to my roots, to creating fiction that would inspire and empower. So I parted ways with Sunrise Movement and searched for something new.

While I serve as a solo developer at the moment, with the help of some incredibly talented artists and musicians, I hope the release of GOOD BONES will launch the journey of RETCON Games’ growth into a studio where people are heard, making games in which people feel seen.

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