About Me

I’ve worked in media for over eighteen years as a writer, editor, producer, and designer in web, books, video games, and politics.

I specialize in stories, and how to tell them.

That’s the short story.

Here’s the long one:

Early Career

I got my start in media right when the internet was blowing up. Since I’d cobbled together some rudimentary HTML and graphic design skills (thanks, Neopets!) I was able to offer my services to local businesses who were getting on the web for the first time. By the time I hit college, I had a nice little client list.

Media took a back seat for a couple years, because I thought I wanted to be a scientist. Even so, between studying forensics, chemistry, criminal justice, and mathematics, I managed to squeeze in work with the university’s yearbook and literary magazine. Eventually, I gave in to the siren song of the English department and swapped majors.

After college, I took any odd job I could get to sustain myself while doing unpaid internships for local magazines and a literary agency. By day, I sold shoes, managed dental admin, worked a high school front desk, or did nails at a salon. By night I reported on Cirque du Soleil stunts, jazz concerts, and plays; designed newsletters and ads; and whittled down the agency slush pile. I was exhausted, but I felt pretty glamorous.

Becoming A Pro

Eventually, I started taking on my own clients at Talcott Notch Literary Agency. I got to represent incredible authors who wrote everything from contemporary YA to epic adult fantasy. For years, I built up my client list, attended conferences, spoke on panels, and taught writing bootcamps. I was living a story lover’s dream.

Then I got the chance to explore a different dream. Having played League of Legends almost since day one, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to move to Los Angeles and be part of making the magic happen at Riot Games. In my years there, I managed to revitalize a regional editorial team, revamp local content operations, and make my mark on several narrative story releases.

After leaving Riot, I made my way back to the book world, this time as an Acquisitions Editor. At Boyds Mills & Kane, I had the pleasure of contributing to more diverse representation in kidlit by acquiring several amazing children’s books. It blew my mind that I was at a point in my career where I could work with writers and illustrators I’d always admired.

2020 Elections

But the US had elected the president from hell and the future felt darker than it ever had. It just became too much to handle both the country falling even deeper into injustice and the predictable injustice of the book industry. I had to do something different, something more immediately impactful.

That’s when I got connected with Sunrise Movement. It was perfect timing. I was ready to make shit happen and feed a revolution.

For a year I managed email and written content for the youth climate movement, unseated a wannabe dictator, helped flip Georgia blue, and did my part to push for a Green New Deal. I still can’t believe just how much we changed the winds of politics in just a year.

The Future

Get (infrequent, promise) updates on me and my projects.